Partnering with Urban Construction for your rehabilitation project goes beyond profit. We use the opportunity to restore homes, build relationships, create job opportunities, promote entrepreneurship, home ownership, and more to create and sustain housing in underserved communities. If you are looking to be apart of a project that truly contributes to restoration we would love to work with you. All home conditions are welcome.

Who Do We Serve?


Invest as a partner with Urban Construction to purchase and rehabilitate a property that will create job opportunities, restore low income communities, and bring a return. Our hope is to build long standing relationships to: Buy - Rehab - Refine - Repeat

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents looking to get rid of distressed properties.

Home Owners

Home owners who seeking to rehabilitate or get rid of a property. We utilize unwanted property as an opportunity to hold training, provide work, and encourage home ownership for our workers.


If your an organization who aligns with our mission we would love to work with you. We welcome building renovations and donations of resources to better support communities. Donations include training space for those working with UC, vehicles for transportation, entrepreneurial & home buyer classes, and other resources your organization would like to contribute. 


As a goal to be a resource to communities donations are welcomed to purchase properties to supply jobs and encourage home ownership. Properties will be rehabilitated to contribute to restoring neighborhoods and rented out to workers.

Our Process


Partner with those looking to rehabilitate a property: Investors, real estate agents, home owners, organizations, and donors.

Provide live training and employment opportunities to sub-contractors, Individuals interested in carpentry, and Mpls-St.Paul communities.
Home completion will not only help revitalize communities, but lives. Workers teaming with Urban Construction will be encouraged to buy/rent home properties to further support ownership and be a continued resource.

Continue building a partnership that truly restores the community and circulates profit that brings: a return of investment, supports families, UC resources, programming, training, home ownership and entrepreneurship.

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